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TUDOR LANE, CARDIFF is home to many small industrial units, populated by car repair shops, joinery manufacturers and rather unexpectedly, a group of ceramic artists’ studios. Behind the door of number 24 lies an oasis of creative activity. Once up the staircase and into the studio complex, the visitor is presented with enchanting discoveries as each artist’s studio reveals the work and reflects the personality of its occupant. Some maintain a serene workspace with orderly arrangements of inspirational material, displayed on shelf and windowsill alongside finished work set out for contemplation. In other studios, a more random atmosphere pervades, the clutter of pots and the paraphernalia of potting in a kind of organised chaos from which may emerge beautiful items of precision. In fact the general bustle of activity masks an underlying orderliness that ensures the collective studios are run in a very organised fashion, allowing for creative  exploration to flourish. One of the attractions of visiting the studios is to meet the artists and to discover the breadth and variety of their activities. They are a modern, lively group of practitioners and they make enthralling work. The atmosphere of the studios reflects the seriousness and the professionalism of the artists but there is also laughter and I suspect on occasion tears. This is more than just a place to work alongside colleagues; it is a place where like minded individuals have created a supportive environment within which their creative endeavours are nurtured. They share tasks, mentor each other, exchange ideas; they are creatively ambitious and competitive in a manner that ensures the collective studios remain at the cutting edge of creativity.   Alex McErlain 



24 Tudor Lane, Riverside, Cardiff  CF11 6AZ

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