Studio Spaces
for Graduates 


Fireworks Clay Studios is a co-operative organisation based in Cardiff city centre, providing studio space and specialised equipment for ceramic artists. It currently houses 19 ceramicists. In its 25 year history, Fireworks has helped to facilitate the early careers of many successful ceramic artists and is committed to continuing this through its now established Graduate Residency Scheme. We recognise that this in turn contributes to the vibrancy of the community within the studio as well as fostering the next generation of makers.

The Scheme aims to support two newly graduated ceramic artists in their first year of self directed professional practice by offering a fully furnished studio space at a heavily subsidised cost with full use of all studio equipment for a period of one year. Successful applicants will be able to take full advantage of a professional studio without the need to invest and purchase the key equipment required in a ceramic workshop, whilst also working alongside full time professional members, gaining exposure to gallery representatives and enthusiasts.

There will also be opportunities to take part in our Open Days

(Christmas & Summer) and studio meetings ( Covid Rules allowing for open days). There is also the opportunity to create an exhibition of your work in our new gallery space at the end of your residency.

As stated previously, we are a co-co-operative which means we each contribute our time voluntarily to maintain the space and facilities and support each other including the Graduate Residents.


The submission for the Fireworks Graduate Residency is open until Monday 13th June 2022 and is available to new graduates completing an undergraduate BA, postgraduate MA, PhD in Ceramics.

The residency will take place from 1st October 2022 - 30th September 2023. 


 The subsequent residents will receive the following: Studio space 
(2.5m x 2.5m approx); the use of our communal facilities including 
4 x top-loading electric kilns; 1 x large front-loading electric kiln;  Wet-back spray booth and spray gun; Photography Studio; WiFi.

The cost of a Graduate space is £82 per calendar month. This price includes heating and electricity, but individual firing costs are additional. 



To apply for the Fireworks Graduate Residency, please email or

post your completed application to Fireworks by 6pm on

Monday, June 13th 2022. Applications received after this time

will not be considered. The outcome of all applicants will be

notified by 24th June 2022. 


Applications can be e-mailed to or post to: Fireworks Clay Studios (Graduate Residency), 24 Tudor Lane, Riverside, Cardiff, CF11 6AZ, UK. Please do not send application forms via special or recorded delivery.


We are unsure whether we will be holding an Open Day this year as a result of the on-going Covid 19 situation, so if you would like more information or are interesting in visiting Fireworks Clay Studios please get in touch by email:

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