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I struggle to think in 3D therefore I approach clay as though it were paper. From my wobbly line drawing, I use slabs of clay to create 2D but 3D forms.  Folding it to my will pinching the sides to make them stick together creating vessels. My lovely continuous line drawn shapes transform into jugs. These vessels are then decorated / embellished inspired by commemorative ware & antique designs. Embedded within my designs is my secret language inspired by binary code and the repetitive grids found in textiles. Included in this coded language are a few Welsh letters such as ‘ll’ & ‘dd’. I use my coded language to expose elements of myself, my confessions, things I cannot bring myself to admit outside of the code. The truth of what is written in my work can sometimes shock the viewer , changing how the work are perceived, what was once beautiful and intriguing, becomes an ugly object & a harsh reality of (my) life. Through making jugs I am now developing more ideas to create & curate my own Welsh dresser full of jugs, plates, mugs and more.

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