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I make functional pottery inspired by the British slipware tradition but with my own contemporary twist. My forms are inspired by the Devonshire pottery of the 1700s, and I contrast this with gestural decorative techniques and flourishes to bring them into the 21st century. I like bold, stocky forms that I make intuitively - I use minimal turning to preserve the freshness of the thrown form, celebrating rather than hiding details like throwing lines and swift fishtail handle joints.


I decorate most of my pots using sgraffito through wet slip. This captures the fluidity and liveliness of the slip - the varying thicknesses of slip this creates lets the rich terracotta body shine through in a medley of hues. I really enjoy exploring these small details, as I think they result in a pot with a dynamic surface that you can endlessly find new details in. I finish the pots with an amber glaze to create the warm, autumnal, and comforting presence that is ubiquitous with traditional British slipware.

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