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Hannah Wade

2023-24 Graduate Resident

My work comprises of interventions in existing interior architecture, exploring ways in which as a designer I may influence interaction with a space without starting anew. I’m driven by a pursuit of more sustainable ceramic practice, and as such have begun material research into using ceramic compatible waste as value-added material to clay bodies. My forms are greatly inspired by the organic, more specifically the chaotic variables that influence mathematical order which result in unique formations. To achieve this, I utilise a combination of traditional techniques and new technologies. Currently this includes carving, mould making, slip casting and press moulding, use of CAD software and CNC machining. Digital technologies can precisely map geometric forms, making it possible to achieve visually clean lines on multiple interlocking pieces. These precise lines can then be interrupted by the material and myself with varying effects. In all, my work aims to reflect the potential in continual growth and development from the same existing resources.

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