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Lisa Krigel is an award winning artist who creates functional sculptural ceramics that explore and develop forms that are found in modern and brutalist construction.  Investigating the relationship between food and architecture, creating a delicate synthesis between form and function, she is currently building stacked ware that when deconstructed introduces theatre to communal dining.  Each stacked tower makes a visual reference to the stark architectural buildings that have inspired its form and a metaphorical reference to the philosophies inherent in designs for a social utopia.  Lisa revels in the parallels to be drawn between the crafting of ceramic and concrete materials, the domestic and the monumental. Each individual piece is hand-thrown from a specially blended stoneware clay that she has developed to achieve a concrete colour and feel, and then meticulously sanded and polished to a smooth finish and high-fired for durability.  Each deconstructed tower reveals an array of plates, cups, dishes and bowls exposing a variety of colourful satin matt glaze interiors, including paprika, orange, stone blue, pale and lime green. As the focus of intimate meals, dinner parties and celebratory events, where opportunities for storytelling, discussion and debate are created, Lisa’s work comes into its own.

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