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Louise Hall

Deconstruction is the theme behind this range of hand built porcelain lighting and decorative or functional interior accessories.  Inspired by clay and fabric materiality, this collection questions interactions within the interior environment, as well as the different responses and reactions this evokes within the viewer. The pieces show the fragility and unpredictability of porcelain. Subverting traditional methods of production has resulted in a range of distorted, manipulated and beaten forms, producing imperfect lines, undulating curves and interrupted contours.  Working with a mixture of textured porcelain and plain enables me to pick up subtle variations in texture and colour with oxides and other glazes. By not only thinking of clay, but fabric also, I am "re-inventing the seam of ceramics with the invisible stitch." The joins are not covered over or simply hidden with colour but made to catch the eye and question how it was made. 

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