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Maggie Rose David

2023-2024 Graduate Resident
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Maggie Rose David, a Ceramic Masters graduate from Cardiff School of Art and Design explores a passion for material agency through the use of combining hand building and 3D printing. Her current 3D printing work celebrates the conversation between hand-built and technology. Seeing these not as juxtaposing forces, where one showcases the soul through touch, and the other an in-human, soulless algorithm, but as connecting and complimentary. Focusing on the human traits and ‘errors’ of the machine to fight fear of technology within creative industries.


There is an idea that computer-aided work is unlike handmade, that 

it lacks creativity and soul. Yet, I believe that it possesses a distinct 

character that goes beyond being soulless. My work embraces the 

“mistakes” of machines, resulting in a harmony between 

handcrafted elements and technology.

With a passion for material properties, the sculptures celebrate 

dialogue between human and machine, focusing on the human 

traits and the “errors” of the printer. My aim is to dispel the fear 

surrounding machines within art, capturing the “soul” of the machine 

and highlighting how technology can broaden our understanding of 

creativity and art.

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