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Rosie Harman, born in Essex, was introduced to clay whilst working alongside the potter Pru Green at The Sentinel Gallery in Wivenhoe, Essex (2014-2018). She has a First Class Honours in Ceramics from Cardiff School of Art and Design (2018-2021). She has exhibited her pots and sculptural assemblages in multiple exhibitions across Essex, Suffolk and Wales, including the prestigious exhibition FRESH at the British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke-on-Trent (2021). Rosie has curated two exhibitions, New Blood, Fresh Stains at St Osyth Boatyard, Essex (2018) and A Transitional State at The Sustainable Studios, Cardiff (2021). She is an associate member of the co-operative gallery Craft Co in Southwold, Suffolk. She is currently working from Firework Clay Studios, Cardiff, as part of the graduate residency.



My practice stretches across drawing, pots and sculptural assemblages. It expresses the personal: the highs and lows of the lived experience, illustrated through an enlivening combination of colour, pattern, figuration and abstraction. It aims to shake up the visual plane and invites the viewer to unmuddle the real and the imagined. Through my work I intend to connect with audiences, strike resonance and resemblance to emotions, memories and shared experiences.


My dialect is one of opposites, shifting between 2D and 3D, positive and negative, linear and block,  I am spontaneous yet attentive to off-cuts. I draw from the wealth of language held within the figure - providing just enough familiarity before playfully shifting to the unknown.


My work with clay is rooted in functional-ware, onto which I paint figures and feelings. During my time at university these motifs have jumped from the 2D surface into the 3D realm, where I can play endlessly with composition and narrative readings. Both my pots and sculptural objects are held together by a hand-painted surface, that shines, tempts touch and toys with traditional associations of ceramics.

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