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Zoe lives in Wales and works from her studio at Fireworks Clay Studios in Cardiff. She studied Ceramics in her first degree at Cardiff School of Art and Design (2000), completed a Masters in Ceramics also at Cardiff School of Art and Design (2010), and a PGCE (FE/HE) at Cardiff University (2013). She works as ceramic tutor for UWC Atlantic College. Zoe exhibits both nationally and internationally. She was selected for AWARD, British Ceramic Biennial (2019), was awarded the Gold Medal for Craft and Design, the CASW Purchase Prize and the Josef Herman Award at the National Eisteddfod of Wales (2018) and was Juror Prize winner in the international exhibition Materials: Hard and Soft, Denver, US (2017). Her work is in public collections in the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff and the Museum of Craft and Design, Denver, US. She was funded by the Arts Council of Wales (2019) to create a solo exhibition which toured to venues across Wales (2021-2023). Most recently Zoe was invited to lecture and demonstrate at the International Ceramic Festival in Aberystwyth (2023).


Zoe’s current practise takes the domestic realm as the site of its enquiry. She makes intimate but nameless still lifes that speak of the ordinary and the human. Through focused attention on everyday domestic objects and ordinary scenes, her work endeavours to engage with the intangible, disquieting and emotive aspects of life through material processes and form.


Ceramic forms are carved from plaster on the lathe or by hand, before being moulded and cast in a fine white porcelain. Zoe uses fluxes and the heat of the kiln chamber to seek out moments of fluidity. She also works in collaboration with Fablab Cardiff making use of their 3D scanning and CNC milling technologies to produce milled walnut tableaux that function as components for furniture pieces.

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